Pro Bowl 2022

Attackers enjoyed the first day of Pro Bowl practice on 2022

The Las Vegas attackers will find the Pro Bowl 2022 in their yard – and have been enjoying the full throttle.

The home team will be represented in the Pro Bowl by four players all making their first game in showcasing top-level talent. Players include First Team All-Pro punter AJ Cole, Second Team All-Pro edge rusher Maxx Crosby, Raiders top runner Denzel Perryman and “Slot Machine” with over 1,000 yards. this past season, Hunter Renfrow.

Here are some of the best soundbites from their media coverage on the first day of the Pro Bowl rehearsal at the Las Vegas Ballpark.

Maxx Crosby

When he returned to the field with his Silver and Black colleagues:

“It was amazing. Being out here with Renfrow, AJ, Denzel – it makes me miss playing football. It’s amazing to be among so many great players and coaches. It was fun so far.”

In his hometown’s Pro Bowl team:

“It’s perfect, I live in a house. I just get up and drive right here. It’s amazing to be here in Vegas. The best city in the world, so we have fun.”

For Pro Bowlers who reach out to him for suggestions on what he will do in Las Vegas:

“Tell me [Travis] Kelce and [Patrick] Mahomes if they need something, they need a little space, they have my number. I’m that guy today.”

AJ Cole

His level of excitement with the first Pro Bowl:

“I’m very happy. It’s nice to get out here and sit with the other guys, meet the guys all over the league and represent [Raiders]. I’m very happy this week.”

Naming the First Expert Team:

“It’s really surreal. I always talk about the history of punter position the Raiders have. I’m blessed and lucky to be a part of that. It’s great, I’m happy. -Trent [Sieg] to all the other guys in the special teams. ”

About releasing new punts in the Pro Bowl:

“Try new things, too.”

Denzel Perryman

In what it is like to play in his first Pro Bowl:

“I’m still taking it. It probably won’t hit me until Sunday. But right now, I’m taking it. A crazy experience right now.”

In being able to play with some of his AFC opponents in the Pro Bowl:

“It was really fun, we just kept shaking hands. Obviously I’ve played with a lot of these guys and now I’m going to be in one team, in one tournament with them. But like I said, I’m in one team. Just take it all out now.”

By giving yourself time to enjoy Las Vegas for the off-season:

“After Sunday, you may see me somewhere. I eat, but I do not gamble or play like that. You will not see me at the casino.”

When he found out he had been nominated as one of the Pro Bowl:

“I found out in the middle of the season and found out maybe two or three weeks ago that I would be one of Ja’Marr [Chase] or Tyreek [Hill] maybe they would play in the Super Bowl so maybe get up. I’m happy because it’s something that will be attached to your name forever. .I never dreamed of playing in the Pro Bowl – I dreamed of winning the Super Bowl playing, having fun with my teammates but it is a great honor and more compliments. ”

Who you enjoyed most playing with on the AFC list:

“Just watching the Kansas City boys will be fun. With Tyreek and how fast he is with [Travis] Kelce and how he can improve. So I try to learn as much as I can from them. ”

His first ideas for Head Coach Josh McDaniels:

“He’s an incredible coach. I’m excited to work with him. I’ve talked to him, he called me when he got the job and he just said how happy he is and I feel the same way. He could do it with the slot.

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