What toys do newborn baby need

What toys do newborn baby need?

Before you go out and stock up on toys for your newborn, you should know that most babies don’t need much in the way of toys until they’re about five months old. Many developmental experts believe that too many toys can distract parents from their real job – spending time with their newborns! So what do newborn babies need? Here are some suggestions of things to give your new baby when they arrive home from the hospital.

For eye development

Your newborn baby will spend a lot of time staring into your face, so get ready for eye contact! Eye development is one of the main reasons newborns need to be exposed to toys. Providing new stimulation through toys will encourage their minds to learn and grow. With creativity, you can find plenty of low-cost newborn baby toys that are sure to make you and your baby happy.

To encourage stacking skills.

In general, the toys should be fun and engaging for a baby. Babies explore by touching their hands and putting things into their mouths, so anything soft or crinkly is good, said pediatrician Jennifer Shu. Some babies like to put things into containers, while others are more interested in taking them out.

For tactile stimulation

A newborn baby only has two senses- touch and sight, so you want to ensure they have toys they can explore with their hands. Some excellent sensory materials that help newborns develop their sense of touch are different types of fabric (like burlap or velveteen), wooden balls, cotton balls, crochet hooks, and plastic Tupperware with something inside. This last one is probably my favorite because the repetitive motion is soothing for both baby and parent alike!

For auditory and oral stimulation

Give your newborn baby a rattle or soft toy to play with, sing songs and read to him. Kids at this age love hearing their parent’s voices, so they sit and talk to them often.

For physical development

Many people think babies need to be fed and changed, but they need plenty of other essential things. Infants are physically developing in the first year, so suitable toys can help them with this. Bright colors and varied textures will keep their mind active and make their development more fun!

To exercise their minds.

Since newborn babies spend most of their time in sleep or play state, toys are only necessary to stimulate them when they are awake. It is not recommended to buy all the toys before your baby arrives because babies have different tastes and preferences that change as they grow. Soft books or stuffed animals that your child can cuddle with can be great gifts too. You can buy unique newborn baby toys from Mama Jewels, an independent gift box company.

To entertain your baby while you nap.

Every newborn must feel safe, warm, and loved when sleeping. Swaddling your baby ensures that all those needs are being met! You can do many other things with your hands and feet free while swaddling your newborn. You can play peekaboo with the blanket, turn on some soothing music for the baby, or sing a sweet lullaby to get them to drift off.


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