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How to Apply in Red Thread Scholarship Program in USA.

The Red Thread Scholarship Program (RTS) was established to provide financial support to outstanding students around the world who wish to study in the USA but are financially unable to do so. It has been in existence since 2006 and is a non-profit organization that offers scholarships, grants and financial aid to enable students of all nationalities and backgrounds to pursue their dreams of an American education. It seeks to reach out especially to women and ethnic minorities who have not had equal educational opportunities around the world by awarding $10,000 scholarships on a competitive basis every semester.

Step 1: Do a lot of research

Prepare yourself by doing a lot of research into American colleges and universities, including costs, rankings, areas of study that might interest you, location, etc. You’ll also want to become familiar with applying for scholarships; red thread program has a very detailed application process and you will need all your scholarship applications ready before you apply for Red Thread scholarship program in USA. Start early! The sooner you start researching scholarships and admissions requirements for U.S. colleges and universities, the better off you’ll be once it comes time to fill out your application(s).

Step 2: Write an essay

In your essay, include your personal statement about Red Thread scholarship program and why you want to be a part of it? You can also add how you got inspired by it and what are your future plans after getting selected. Give examples from past life experiences (if any) where you have taken such step or courageous decision as Red Thread Scholarship program or are willing to take it now if selected for same. It will help us get confidence that our program is not just about theory but one has guts and courage for execution too! Title: Red thread scholarship application essay?

Step 3: Take some tests

Now is a good time to get as much information as you can from your university’s financial aid office and take any practice tests they have available. You’ll want to be prepared for college entrance exams, particularly if you plan on majoring in subjects that require standardized tests, such as business or STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The SAT is offered by The College Board and is taken almost exclusively by students planning on going to college who are not yet 18 years old; however, it does not need to be taken before high school graduation. To learn more about taking these exams and staying motivated while studying for them, check out our guide: Managing Your Time & Staying Motivated While Studying For Standardized Tests.

Step 4: Make an application video

Submit your final video as a response to our email or you can use Google drive on another platform and share it with us . You should keep all projects, PDF and text files you write for your red thread scholarship program application, and also attach them here when submitting. Share every detail of how you work as part of RedThreadScholarship through video upload with our team during submission process until 1 September 2017. Your application will be reviewed by our online interview panel on 2nd week of September 2017 (10:00 am). Interview will take 10-15 minutes via skype/telephone conference call.

Step 5: Submit your application and wait for results

Red Thread Social Empowerment Society will send you a letter of invitation if you are awarded a scholarship from Red Thread Scholars Society. If there is no available program in your region, then Red Thread Scholars Society will contact students by phone or email, and then send letters by mail with further instructions when there is an available Red Thread Scholars program near your region. Please keep yourself updated with any further information about Red thread scholarship program 2017 and admission status updates until you get admitted for undergraduate or postgraduate programs in university of your choice through Red thread social empowerment society red thread scholarship program 2017-2018 entry instructions, tips and tricks etc., things which we’ll update here soon as we get it.

Step 6 : Final check up before submitting

Read through your entire post, from beginning to end, one last time. Check for spelling and grammar errors; make sure you used APA style consistently throughout your post; check that there are no gaps or holes where information is missing (especially if your prompt asked for a step-by-step guide); check your citations and resources (and remember: some journals will do MLA format for sources instead of APA). Then, save a copy of your post on an external drive and print out another copy for yourself—you’ll want it as a backup should anything happen to your original file. Once everything looks good, submit!

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