Which way you can write good news (1)

Which way you can write good news

Write good news is misleading so this article is more accurate. I’m not framing the entire administration’s agenda for you, make no mistake. All I ask is that you visit sources like CNN, The Guardian, and NPR for some perspective.

My point in writing this was to say that something “good” can happen; it doesn’t have to be a Trump White House.

I’m not going to do your research for you. It’s been done plenty already–just pick up a newspaper or watch the news. If you refuse to do so until your president decides to take his Twitter fingers away from his phone (*shudders*) then so be it.

What is a good news?

The moral of the story is this: There are plenty of good things that happen in the world. If you’re not jaded about those things happening and want to find out why, then you’re going to read this article and come out the other end feeling better. Even if it’s an article that doesn’t have to do with positive happenings, reading an article that tells you that good things happen is a good thing.

Thought control is a serious problem in America, one that gets worse and worse with each passing year.

Types of news writing

In news writing, no two words are the same, but there are definable styles that govern which stories are being written and when. The most influential of these are:

The Politicized Insurgent (cable news): What you get when journalists covering the Trump administration can’t help but take it personal.

What you get when journalists covering the Trump administration can’t help but take it personal. The Objective Liberal (national publications): Much like the objective insurgent, the objective liberal is another victim of the establishment.

What you get when journalists covering the Trump administration can’t help but take it personal. The objective liberal is another victim of the establishment.

The importance of critical thinking

With enough bad reporting, you can get pretty much anyone to believe just about anything. With enough factual reporting, it’s a good bet that the next quote or lie being spewed out is in direct contradiction with the truth. Most of the time, the person who’s spewing it out knows they’re lying.

But the press has a responsibility to hold all administrations accountable–and to do it in a way that forces the people who hold power to really answer for their actions, instead of letting them hide behind a heavy wall of silence.

The press has a responsibility to hold all administrations accountable

Over the last 50 years, the press has stood up to numerous presidents who have claimed things that simply weren’t true.

News writing techniques

There are techniques to writing accurate news stories. It’s not rocket science.

There are also techniques to writing content which stirs emotions. If you are going to write news content, you have to be able to tell the difference between your objective and what you think your readers want to read. It’s easy to determine if your readers are annoyed or enraged and send them to another news site with more sarcastic commentary.

There is no such thing as “fake news”

There are actual stories that are fictitious, but their authors cannot “fake” it. They have to actually believe that this is going to happen, at least to a certain degree. If you think you can make something up and get away with it, then you should probably pick up a dead-tree magazine.

News writing format

Personally, my personal style when writing articles is to have at least 2 strong links to sources to support my position (from there, I’ll hammer it home).

Of course, a headline is important (I put a lot of thought into this), but it’s often the body of the article that will inspire discussion. My top priority is to get someone to hit “reply.” The article should pull readers in and be the topic of the day. In that way, it’s the social media platform’s greatest form of communication.

I’m passionate about the Internet, and I recognize that most journalists have seen their profits plummet by 95% since the Internet came to town. If you don’t have a sense of humor about the current state of journalism (and I do), you should go back to school and get a job that’s better paid and more stable.


While I believe the right thing to do is choose the most important, positive, news about the presidency to write about, I will not pretend that there isn’t more important news out there for you to write about. And, of course, if you choose not to write about the “bad” or “misleading” news, I’m probably not going to write about it. I will say this: if you continue to pretend that this administration is an unmitigated disaster (and you do) and just write only the “good” or “positive” news, it makes you a grifter (a Trump cheerleader), which is a low-level form of lying.

Enough of the old, get with the times and write something.

As to my haters, I’m offended at the hypocrisy of a millionaire calling me a liar because I posted a news story that he failed to cite as credible.

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