All My Love: Wally Kurth Returns to Days of Our Lives

All My Love: Wally Kurth Returns to Days of Our Lives

Wally Kurth is back on Days of Our Lives! Fans of the show have been delighted by the news that actor Wally Kurth will be returning to the soap opera, reprising his role as Justin Kiriakis. Wally Kurth first appeared on Days of Our Lives in 1991 and has been a part of the show ever since, making appearances on and off throughout the years. Now he is back in the mix, and fans everywhere are thrilled. Get ready for more drama, romance, and all the love that Wally Kurth brings to the screen!

Why We Love Wally Kurth

For over 30 years, Wally Kurth has been a beloved part of the Days of Our Lives cast. He first appeared as Justin Kiriakis in 1987, and is now reprising his role for a special return to the show. Over the years, fans have come to love Wally Kurth for his outstanding performance in various roles on the show.

Kurth has also enjoyed success outside of Days of Our Lives, with starring roles in General Hospital and Port Charles. He’s even become a popular recording artist, releasing his debut album “Beggar’s Game” in 2011.

As Justin Kiriakis, Kurth was an integral part of some of the show’s most memorable storylines. His character faced heartache and tragedy, but ultimately found redemption and love in a way that resonated with audiences. As the nephew of Victor Kiriakis and son of Julie Williams, he has a rich history on the show and viewers are always eager to see what he will do next. 

There’s no doubt that fans are thrilled to have Wally Kurth back on the show. His passionate performance and deep understanding of the character have been essential elements in making Days of Our Lives an enduring success. His return is sure to be a memorable event that we won’t soon forget!

His Best Scenes

Wally Kurth first made his debut as Justin Kiriakis on the soap opera Days of Our Lives in 1987. Since then, he has had many memorable moments throughout the years. From his marriage to Adrienne Kiriakis to his courtroom drama with Victor Kiriakis, Wally Kurth has had a truly impressive presence on the show. 

One of his most iconic scenes is when his character, Justin Kiriakis, reunited with ex-wife Adrienne Kiriakis at their daughter’s wedding in 2014. The scene was full of emotion and showcased Wally Kurth’s impressive acting skills. Another noteworthy moment was when Justin defended Victor Kiriakis in a court case in 2017, despite their tense relationship. Wally Kurth expertly portrayed a man who was torn between two sides. 

In addition, his final scene with Adrienne before her death in 2019 was heartbreaking and powerful. Wally Kurth was able to convey all the emotions of a man losing his wife, with subtle facial expressions and body language. This moment was one of Wally Kurth’s finest moments on the show and was a testament to his incredible talent. 

It’s no surprise that fans are excited for Wally Kurth’s return to Days of Our Lives. With an already impressive portfolio of work on the show, we can’t wait to see what other amazing moments he will bring to the screen!

What His Return Means for the Show

Wally Kurth’s return to the long-running soap opera, Days of Our Lives, has fans everywhere excited. Wally first joined the show in 1991 as Justin Kiriakis, a beloved character that had a significant presence on the show. After leaving in 2013, his absence has been deeply felt by viewers. With his return, Kurth is expected to bring a fresh energy and life to the show. 

The expectations for Wally Kurth’s return are high, as fans anticipate an exciting storyline that will reignite their passion for the show. While details about his return are not known at this time, it is safe to assume that Justin Kiriakis will once again play a major role in the plot. For those familiar with his previous stint, this will come as great news. 

The return of Wally Kurth to Days of Our Lives is sure to make the show even more entertaining than ever before. His addition will surely be a welcome sight for longtime viewers and newcomers alike. The anticipation for what’s to come is already building and it promises to be an exciting year for the show. Fans can’t wait to see what Wally Kurth brings to the table and how his return will affect the future of Days of Our Lives.

How to Watch Days of Our Lives

Catch up on Wally Kurth’s time as Justin Kiriakis and get ready to welcome him back to Salem with open arms. Fans of the show can watch Days of Our Lives on NBC every weeknight, or they can use streaming services like Hulu or Peacock. For those in the UK, Days of Our Lives is available on Netflix. 

If you want to catch up on Wally Kurth’s previous appearances as Justin Kiriakis, then check out the Days of Our Lives site for the latest clips and full episodes. There are even special segments devoted to some of Wally Kurth’s best scenes. 

For dedicated fans, there are also special fan meetups, discussion boards, and social media accounts all devoted to keeping Wally Kurth’s character alive and well. 

So if you’re ready to jump back into Salem and follow Wally Kurth‘s new journey as Justin Kiriakis, then it’s time to grab your popcorn and get ready for the next episode!

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