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How you can start a news website from scratch?

Does anyone out there know how to start a news website? I peered into the murky world of business networking and came to the conclusion that this might be the way to go. After spending many hours researching, I found this article that helped me tremendously.

What is a news site?

You must be wondering what a news site is. In essence, a news site is any webpage that contains information about newsworthy topics (as defined by wikipedia). The trick is to make sure that this is the case because a website is not necessarily newsworthy unless it is reporting on newsworthy topics. For example, CNN is not a news website.

Any webpage that reports on newsworthy topics must be specifically created for that purpose. Usually, it is best to use WordPress for this purpose since it is a lot easier than setting up WordPress on your own.

What makes a news site newsworthy?

A news site is newsworthy if it contains news. In other words, the headline and the body of the article need to tell a unique story about the subject matter. In the case of Trump, this is easy.

What to include in your website?

Although the most basic information is typically the simplest to write, be cautious about this. You want people to get a good idea of who you are as a person. If you can’t describe yourself with words, you won’t be able to write in complete sentences. The majority of the work should focus on filling up space with rich details about your personal life. If you don’t have the time or patience to fill them up, you can always ask friends and family to fill them out for you. Another great way to build trust is to include pictures of yourself or your team.

What should not be on your website?

It’s easy to skip over this, but it’s worth spending some time thinking about the minimum amount of information that should be included on your website.

Who is your audience?

I had three main things to think about when it came to figuring out my audience. Where would they come from? What would they want to hear about? And finally, how could I reach out to them in a manner they would find interesting?

These are a few of the thoughts I ran through in my head when I had this question swirling in my head. Ultimately I decided I wanted to start a news website where people could be entertained and informed at the same time. That’s where I needed to start looking.

How does one get their site on the web?

There is a lot of controversy and controversy in this one. Many people think you need an extraordinary amount of money and technical know-how to get their site up and running.

What kind of news will you cover?

How would you go about deciding on the type of news you would like to cover? The fact is that if you are serious about starting your own news website, you will have to gather up a lot of material first.

Without knowing what you want to write about, how would you ever write an article to sell a website? I took a piece I wrote for a website called BNI and doctored it up to see how I could start my own business oriented website.

After I had done some research on this subject, I gathered up some ideas about how I could start a website with a focus on “How To Start A Business” and figured it was within my reach.

Find A Domain Name

Once you have decided what kind of news you would like to put up, you will have to decide on what domain name you would like to use.

What is the best way to go about this?

In order to begin, I will first need to do some research and put together a detailed marketing plan that will guide me on how I will go about this. All I really know so far is that I would like to start a news website.

I feel that news websites are a unique niche to enter into. I have found that there are not many companies out there that have been successful at creating an online publication on a regular basis. With news websites, you can create content whenever you want, at anytime of the day. For me, it has also been found that people really like reading up on the latest gossip, drama and happenings. In the end, I believe that people would want to read and subscribe to news websites.

I am open to ideas from anyone out there.


I started with various freelance jobs but knew that the work was not the problem. My problem was the writing. I was scared to write and I was scared to take risks. After some time, I started writing about bitcoin and the altcoin space. I knew that the chance of making money from these articles would be remote but I knew that I could learn a lot. Today, I have made quite a few connections and earned quite a few bitcoin but also some interesting stories. This path did take me out of my comfort zone and made me face a lot of stress. It also forced me to learn a lot about the tech world and has opened me up to new experiences.

If you are thinking about leaving your 9-5 job to become a freelancer, I urge you to give this a try.


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