Facebook News Feed Not Loading

How to fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading?

Facebook News Feed Not Loading With many people using Facebook for their misleading, intrusive, and very inconvenient features on live videos, messenger bots, and timeline posts, Facebook may be hit with yet another hit.

Facebook’s newsfeed is not working properly. This usually comes as a result of either a bug or glitch in the server or the browser compatibility issues.

The second reason for this is cookies being deleted by the browser. Cookies are necessary to load content correctly on facebook. This typically happens if you are using incognito browsing or if your cookies are updated back to default. Privacy plugins may also cause this issue. Privacy plugins keep websites from tracking you which causes the site to assume you’ve logged out. If this has happened to you it can be fixed by disabling these plugins first before logging on to facebook again.

How to Make the Most of Facebook

Facebook offers many additional features that may make your experience better. For those of you who feel you aren’t using these features enough, or any at all, there is a way to improve your experience.

1) Let Others know your Moo for Messenger

Tell your friends or family about Moo Messenger and help them get connected with friends. Connect to your Facebook account and click ‘Moo for Messenger.’

2) Get friends to tag themselves when they add you to groups

See friends’ tagged photos in the groups you’re in. You can also search for groups that are online and see what’s in them.

Get tagged

3) Get recommended videos to watch

The time when you visit Facebook is determined by the videos that have been recommended to you. Use our Facebook pages search engine to find out.

What to Avoid on Facebook

Here are some of the most common issues that people encounter when they log into facebook.

Changing your mobile phone number

If you plan to create a profile on Facebook then it is advisable to make sure that you don’t do this as it makes it very hard to contact you.

Possible Solutions

To fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading, make sure you are logged in and that your cookies are still set to the default mode.

Posting negative things on Facebook

Dislike buttons are not working properly.

Facebook’s Like button is very annoying to use. Even worse is the dislike button is not working properly. It is only shown if you click the Like button in the upper right. No other button will show up. Also, when you get the dislike button the message “click to confirm,” when that link should read “vote.”

Comments on FB posts

Using Facebook Comments is very time consuming and it seems like a lot of users are complaining that their comments are lost after a while. Also when you try to post a comment the comment will show up with the feedback button as unassigned or disabled.

Troubles accessing Facebook and then retrying

Often times when you try to log out of Facebook or exit facebook for a short period of time it will not reconnect properly.

Examples of negative Facebook posts

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You can search for other websites with this keyword and see if the owner is a regular visitor of facebook, and therefore have a good relationship with Facebook.

Facebook: The owner of this website posts in a high quantity on facebook because of their nature as a social media platform. Therefore, if the owner posts often it will have a better chance of them getting onto the main website with a post on their Facebook page.

Bad comments on social media

If you are a victim of this glitch, you can always contact the Facebook support line or app by clicking this link and then click “Chat Now”. Facebook also provides a number for chat support by clicking this link or simply pressing the “Call now” button.

Social media websites are designed in such a way that a single user can view different groups of people from different geographic areas. On Facebook, different sections of the site are categorized based on the user’s affinity to a certain person, type of content, location, etc.


To fix this issue, you need to be able to see the live feed. In order to do this you need to:

  1. If you’re using a different browser, make sure you have cookies and Javascript enabled.
  2. If you’re using an incognito window, make sure you’re not using a different browser.
  3. If you’re using an incognito window, make sure you’re not using a different browser.
  4. Make sure you’re not using a privacy plugin.

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