Do I need to bring hangers to the dry cleaners

Do I Need to Bring Hangers to the Dry Cleaners?

Whether you are looking to use a dry cleaning service for the very first time or have laundry dry cleaned in a normal manner, you might have a few questions regarding preparing your clothing. Getting your clothes ready for your dry cleaner is actually quite simple. Should you bring hangers to the dry cleaners?

In case clothes could talk, they would probably have something to say about how people must treat them (take a look at the crumpled dresses and pants on the bedroom chair and you will nod your head). However, since you know they are clothes, we let you know a few mistakes you often make while bringing clothes to the dry cleaners. First of all, people make a mistake not to bring hangers to the dry cleaners.

The Significance of Hangers

One mistake people often make is that they don’t bring hangers to the dry cleaners. Wire hangers don’t offer structural integrity in order to support heavier clothes. Silks or sweaters hung on a wire hanger for a while may get marks in the shoulders and can be permanent. It is the reason why you will see your sweaters hung over hangers when you get them back from the dry cleaners, they do that so they are ready to be placed on the shelves when you go home.

You don’t take your clothing out of your dry cleaning bag. The bags make sure your clothes won’t get dirty on your way home from the dry cleaner. However, a few exports suggest that they are never meant for storage.

Several shirts, specifically the casual shirts and cotton dresses many of us wear normally, must be laundered. A better laundry would press your shirts in an appropriate manner, and you can have them put on hangers or folded, as the dry cleaners often do.

Can You Bring Used Hangers to the Dry Cleaners?

Several locations tend to gladly accept the used hangers since it can save money and time in the long run. Hangers made of plastic or wood are quite common too. While such types of hangers often can’t be turned into local dry cleaners near me, second hand clothing stores may accept them as donations.

Bring Your Clothes to Dry Cleaners on Hangers

It is essential to bring hangers to the dry cleaner. In fact, it causes additional work for the personnel in the dry cleaner. The advantage of giving hangers to the dry cleaner is that these hangers can be recycled.

How to Choose the Right Hangers?

Hangers are made of several materials, such as velvet, satin, and wood. Choosing the right material is the initial step while looking for hangers. Your local dry cleaner may put your laundry on wire hangers before delivering it to you. Such hangers are ok for transporting your clothes to your address, however, they are not great for long term use. Choose your hangers based on the types of garments you are about to hang.

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