Can I use a second hand cot mattress

Can I use a second hand cot mattress?

It is economical to purchase a second hand cot mattress for your baby. But if you buy a used mattress, you can get some pre-owned extras like stains, bed bugs, and dust mites. Babies spend up to 50% of their lives on their cot bed mattresses until they are two years old. Because of this, it is necessary to check if your baby’s mattress is secured or not. It should be in good condition for your baby’s health. You will have to take care of many points when you use a cot mattress.

Second-hand cot mattresses are affordable

People buy second hand mattresses due to the high rates of new ones. That is why people buy a used cot mattress. But it is similar to taking a risk on your child’s health because of;

  • Seasonal bacterial expansion
  • Destroyed shaped stance and form

Things to consider while buying second hand cot mattresses

We should go without saying that the cot mattresses should fit your baby’s cot bed. The following qualities should also be present in the infant mattresses:

1.Better condition

When you are going to buy second hand cot mattresses, check the condition of the cot mattress. Check that the cot mattress is not torn and dirty.

2.Investigate any internal damage

You should not purchase a used mattress online because you can only view photographs. You must check loops, sagging, discoloration, or damaged springs.

3.Strong and reassuring impression

Choosing a model that is too plush and comfortable could be alluring. A decent cot mattress will always be reasonably firm.

4.Impermeable panel

By preferring an impermeable panel, you will prevent messes or liquids from penetrating the core of the cot mattress. The most incredible, extended, and hygienic use of your cot mattress will be possible with a protector and waterproof panels.

5.Made of hypoallergenic ingredients and breathable fabric

It is always important to check that your cot bed mattress is allergen-free. Ensure the availability of a safer sleeping environment to breathe freely for your baby.

Advantages of cot mattresses

Baby cot mattresses provide several advantages, such as

  • Keep your baby’s mattress dry and prevent them from sweating.
  • Quick drying minimizes the possibility of bacterial growth in the cot mattress in the event of spills or vomit.
  • Enhancing airflow and lowering the chance of suffocation.
  • Controls your infant’s body temperature.

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