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Toddler Photoshoots Are the Hardest! Here Are 11 Helpful Tips for Parents

It was not popular back then, and some say it did not even exist, but today, toddler photoshoots are one of the common ways by which many new parents celebrate their babies’ lives. They have indeed become famous these days. Celebrities and non celebrities do them. They can be done with professional skills and equipment or with DIY efforts and tools. Nonetheless, it’s the essence of toddler photoshoots that make them so precious for parents and for tiny tots. 

Without a shadow of doubt, they are super fun and exciting, especially for first-time parents, but toddler photoshoots are also very challenging. It’s obvious; the little darlings are full of energy and playfulness. Most of the time, they crawl, run and climb here and there. They also pick up whatever their hands get hold of. Just imagining the swift and unpredictable movements of the kiddos, you already know that taking great photos of them is going to be a tough job.   

Small but terrible (not in a negative sense) are these chicks. Definitely, toddler photoshoots are the hardest primarily because these tots are the hardest to control and to make still. Parents need some real help before they can achieve a successful set of photographs. If you are a parent now or soon, check out these 11 tips for parents doing toddler photoshoots! 

1 – Make sure your toddler isn’t hungry, sleepy or out of mood.

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A well-known chocolate brand has the tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and it’s just so relatable. It’s because you easily get irritated and disinterested when your tummy is empty. The same thing is true for toddlers. They act and behave differently, often crying or displeased, when they need milk or snacks. 

When doing toddler photoshoots, make sure your baby is not hungry. Feed them before the shoot, so they have energy and attention to cooperate later on. Unlike teens and adults who can endure hunger even for a while, toddlers cannot, and it will really show from their mood.   

Furthermore, see to it that your child has enough proper sleep before the session. Don’t choose a shoot schedule close to their bedtime. Again, this is for them to be in a good and bright mood during the picture taking. 

2 – Shoot in a well-ventilated location.

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The location is a huge consideration when doing toddler photoshoots, especially if they are DIY. Choose one that is well-ventilated. The air supply and flow must be enough to keep your tots comfortable and feeling good during the photo session. They should not feel sticky and sweaty while wearing their photoshoot outfits. Lighting must also be sufficient and effective, more particularly if you’re doing outdoor shoots.  

3 – Bring in their favorite uncle or sister who makes them laugh in an instant!

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There’s always that family member who has a talent in making babies smile big and giggle loudly. Invite that person to the shoot, so you will have an easier time to capture your little one’s sweetest smiles! Bring in their favorite uncle or sister who makes them laugh in an instant! Definitely, you’ll save a lot of time and patience!  

4 – Use props that your toddler actually likes.

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Choosing themes for toddler photoshoots is one of the most exciting parts of them. Cartoons for kids are the most common motifs alongside standard floral, unicorn, robot and car themes.

To catch the focus of your youngsters for toddler photoshoots, use props that they actually like. Use their dearest toys and stuffed teddy bears at home. They can be instant decorations and designs for the photo sessions, or they can be the items you use behind the camera to make your tots laugh, smile and look in the camera lens’ direction.      

5 – Play music.

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Is there a playlist that your baby seems to love a lot? Like an official sound track from an animated movie for kids or a nursery rhyme? Play it! Play them!

These songs will raise the mood in the location, keeping not just the kiddos but also you feeling light and fun. Music will also help you get your little dancer on his/her feet! It’s a wonderful chance to snap cute and charming moments!  

6 – Be alert and quick!

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A tip specifically for parents who will do DIY toddler photoshoots: Be alert and quick! If your child is the type that doesn’t easily react, smile or laugh, you never know when he/she will wear an expression that’s perfect for camera shots. That’s why you have to be ready to click fast to save those precious flashes.  

7 – Activate fast shutter speed.

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Together with your quick clicks, activate fast shutter speed. This is the mode used in sports, animals and other photoshoots with (very) mobile subjects. You should utilize this as well for those tots who move and change their positions faster than you know!  

8 – Pose, guide, and let them imitate you.

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Little children copy what big adults do. That’s why adults must always be good examples. In this case, be their guide as they pose for the camera. Let them imitate you, like in acting cute, acting tough, doing beautiful eyes or pouting their lips. If there are specific poses that your baby knows when he/she is at home, help them confidently do them during the shoot too. 

9 – But better, shoot them spontaneously.

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It’s a very helpful idea to guide your tots when posing, but better, shoot them spontaneously. Let them have fun and be themselves during the session. Shoot them while playing, drawing, eating or feeding their pet. Unplanned and unscripted moments are the best, and toddlers are the best models for these!

10 – Hire a Toddler Photographer

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If you want to get the best toddler photoshoot outputs without the hassle, hire toddler photographers. Work with an expert creative agency that offers toddler photoshoot services. They have the best locations, the top equipment, the nicest props. Most essentially, they exactly know the twists and turns of this type of photography and how to handle sprightly kiddos.

11 – Enjoy!

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Last but not the least, enjoy toddler photoshoots! They make for beautiful memories especially for you as your babies will not yet clearly remember these. Cherish the delightful experience of toddler photoshoots regardless of their difficulty levels. While youngsters chuckle and smile, parents also do!



To succeed on these difficult-to-do toddler photoshoots, take note of the smart tips written above. Assuredly, they can help you and other parents big time!  

There are many reasons why many parents choose to do photoshoots of their toddlers. They want to appreciate and cherish the lives of their babies in the form of photos. Such can also be a bonding activity for the family, when parents are included in the shoot. It is a meaningful way to keep beautiful memories of the little kids before they grow up and learn to live on their own. Or you can also do toddler photoshoots just because! Everyone understands. The munchkins’ cuteness is irresistible!     


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