did hanson band perform for the president

Did Hanson Band Perform for the President? All You Need to Know

Hanson, the American pop rock band of the 90s, skyrocketed to fame with their chart-topping tracks like “MMMBop” and “Where’s the Love,” becoming a household name in no time. However, the question that lingers in many minds is whether the band ever graced the President with their presence. In this piece, we shall delve into this inquiry and take a closer look at the band’s journey through the music industry.

The Rise of Hanson Band

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hanson band was born in 1992, founded by the Hanson brothers: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. The band derived its name from their surname, and initially started as an acapella group before advancing to playing instruments and writing their songs.

Signing with a Major Record Label

In 1997, Hanson band signed a deal with Mercury Records, releasing their debut album, “Middle of Nowhere,” which garnered instant success. The album sold over 10 million copies globally, and the band received three Grammy nominations.

International Success

Hanson band continued its upward trajectory with its second album, “Snowed In,” a Christmas album that sold millions. The band went on to release four more albums, including “This Time Around,” “Underneath,” and “Shout It Out,” and has performed in over 50 countries, selling over 16 million records worldwide.

Hanson Band Members

The trio consists of three brothers: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, who play the guitar, piano, guitar, and drums, respectively. The band members also write and produce their music.

The Band’s Discography

Hanson band has released six studio albums, comprising “Middle of Nowhere,” “Snowed In,” “This Time Around,” “Underneath,” “The Walk,” and “Shout It Out,” as well as numerous live albums and compilation albums.

Did Hanson Band Perform for the President?

Hanson band has never performed for any US President, despite the band’s involvement in political activism. The band has never played at any political events or performed for any President.

Hanson Band’s Political Views

The Hanson brothers have always been vocal about their political views, showing support for various political causes, including human rights, environmental protection, and access to education. They have also actively campaigned and supported several political organizations and campaigns. In 2012, the band launched the Take the Walk campaign to raise awareness and funds for poverty and HIV/AIDS-related issues in Africa.

The band has been critical of some political policies, particularly those that harm the environment or infringe on human rights. In 2019, they spoke out against an Oklahoma bill that aimed to ban cities from implementing plastic bag bans, arguing that the bill would negatively impact the environment and limit local control.

Although Hanson band has been involved in political activism, they have refrained from aligning themselves with any specific political party or candidate, believing in promoting positive change regardless of political affiliations.


In summary, Hanson band has never performed for any US President, but they have been active in political activism, advocating for various political causes. The band has spoken out against some political policies that they believe to be detrimental to the environment and human rights, and they have created campaigns to raise awareness and funds for critical social issues. While the band has not aligned themselves with any particular political party or candidate, they continue to use their platform to promote positive change.


Has Hanson band ever performed for the President?

No, Hanson band has never performed for any US President.

What political causes does Hanson band support?

Hanson band supports various political causes, including human rights, environmental protection, and access to education.


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