The Complete Guide to preparing for Your IB Math AA HL exams

The Complete Guide to preparing for Your IB Math AA HL exams

The IB Math AA HL exam is an important test for most IB diploma students. According to the IB board, students who ace mathematics HL perform exceptionally well at the university.

However, this continuation in a good performance is tied to how well you prepare for your IB math HL exams.

If you find yourself stuck in what study methods, tips, and tricks to use, read on. This is a complete guide to preparing and acing your IB math AA HL exams.

Study Consistently Before the Exam

Avoid leaving study time to the last minute before the exam. This mounts a lot of pressure on you, forcing you to resort to bad studying habits such as cramming. Instead, allocate adequate time daily to focus on your studies and preparation for your IB math AA HL exams.

Start this study routine as early as possible, preferably months before the exam. This will give you ample time to study and ask for help in troublesome areas. Moreover, you’ll also have extra time for the activities you love, such as socializing, sports, family time, and other hobbies.

With this schedule, you can achieve a great balance between your academic life and social life, preventing burnout.

Get into Study Mode

Start by removing all distractions that make your study time ineffective. If your phone is your primary source of distraction, put it away or switch off the notifications for text messages and social media.

Sometimes, your pets, friends, or family may also serve as a distraction. Consider removing them from your study area for greater focus.

Once you have gotten the distractions out of the way, find ways you can dive into study mode. For instance, you can use a timer that dictates how long you’ll be focused on your studies. Once the timer goes off, you can get distracted by other things.

Other methods to get into study mode include taking a 30-minute walk, switching on a study lamp, or putting on non-distracting music before starting your studies.

Finally, train your brain to convert this into a study habit by doing it consistently.

Revise Your Notes Regularly

Even the sharpest minds need to revise their notes often to keep them in memory. Make sure you prepare comprehensive notes every time you attend lectures or classes.

If you get stuck in a problem or have difficulty understanding some concepts, revise them and seek the help of your colleagues.

Your notes can also help you identify important sections in the exam and help you prepare better for it.

Do Internal Assessments

Try doing as many internal assessments as possible with the goal of scoring the highest marks possible for each. This approach has two benefits. One, you get to the exams better prepared. Second, if the paper doesn’t go well, you have your AA scores to bank on to improve your overall grade.

As you do these internal assessments, take keen note of the marking criteria. Understanding them will help you improve how you answer questions and be better prepared for the exam.

Use Online Resources

If you are having trouble preparing for your IB math AA HL exams, consider looking at the large pool of online resources available. Platforms such as Revision Village have an extensive collection of IB maths resources that you can use to prepare and increase the chances of scoring a 7 in your final paper.

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