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How to say busy in spanish?

Latinos are known for their fast tongues, so it was only natural that they would need to learn how to say busy in Spanish. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to say busy in Spanish using the most common phrases. We’ll start with the basic terms and work our way up to more complex expressions. So whether you need a quick answer to a question or want to impress someone, read on and have a lot of fun!

Say busy in Spanish

Busqué tiempo para hacer esto

I found time to do this.

The Basics of Busy

In order to say busy in Spanish, you first need to know the basics of the language. Here are a few key terms to remember:

– Busqueda: looking for something

– Dormir: sleeping

– Trabajar: working

– Esperar: waiting

More Complex Expressions of Busy

  1. Busquedas: Look for something
  2. Trabajar: To work
  3. Necesitamos: We need
  4. No están solos: They’re not alone
  5. Necesitamos más tiempo: We need more time

Get Ready to Say Busy in Spanish!

In order to say busy in Spanish, you start with the base words “busy” and “estar.” You can also use the word “estar” as an adverb, which means to be or to be going. To say busy in Spanish, you would use these phrases:

– Busy es cansado (it’s tired)

– Busy es molesto (it’s annoying)

– Busy no puedo dormir (I can’t sleep)

– Es difícil estar en el trabajo (It’s hard to be at work)

– No puedo terminar el lunch (I can’t finish lunch)

– No puedo pasar la hora (I can’t pass the hour)

– No puedo ir a la playa (I can’t go to the beach)

– Me estoy quedando en casa (I’m stuck at home)

– Tengo que preguntarte qué haces? (Do you want to know what I’m doing?)

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