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Edneed’s Digital Tools That Will Make Your Institute Stand Out


You all must have been well aware of all the Edneed verticals. How one part of the product is connected with another. From Website Creation Tools to School Management Software, Edneed provides all the digital solutions for educational institutes. And, we are constantly updating our product constantly to make sure the learning experience is seamless. Not to skip the Edneed learning community that helps educators and learners to expand their network and share knowledge for free.

Website Creation

The importance of the website is not hidden from anyone. Seeing current scenarios, it is an imperative factor to have a website, especially for educational institutes. However, we understand very well that you’re thinking about all the hurdles you have to go through even for making a static website. But, Edneed on the other hand, lets you create a dynamic website for your institute without any baulk or writing a single line of code and that too within just 2 minutes. Also, you can manage and make changes on the website easily. And, it will not be too heavy on your pocket. (We are providing an offer on the website, check the availability of your domain now: Everyone likes a freebie, right? Our freebie to you will be a subdomain.

  • Smooth and Effective Online Classes

Our software offers the support of Zoom and Google Meet to conduct smooth online classes. Admin, as well as Teachers, can easily schedule and conduct online classes from their dashboard. One of the important features we have roped in for effective online classes is attendance tracking (to make sure students are not scrolling social media during the online class).

  • Online Test for Fair Evaluation

Here’s a scenario, imagine you have an existing school management software for your institute. And, it does not have sufficient features to offer a fair evaluation of your students. Whereas, Edneed’s school management software provides restriction modes to conduct monitored online tests. In this feature, teachers can use any of the three given restriction modes. Since tests are conducted in full window, they can be monitored effectively.

  • Learning on the go with Study Material

It is a feature that institutes must look at while choosing a school management software. This feature makes sure that students don’t miss any of their syllabi. Understanding the needs of the feature, we have introduced it in our recent updates. Teachers can easily upload the complete syllabus in various forms like audio, video, and images. They can also add any external links if needed. This feature will allow students to learn at their choice of time and place. Since each student has a different style and speed to learn about things, and with study material available to them 24X7, it will be easy for them to learn at their pace that ensures better retention.

Edneed Learning Community

The idea of sharing knowledge is something we promote. Edneed learning community allows users to share their ideas and questions with each other and to reap the benefits of their experiences for free. On the community page, students from around the world can post their questions, and any educators from another part of the world can answer them. It supports the phenomenon of Global Learning that allows you to share knowledge with people around the world. Edneed’s learning community offers countless possibilities. By connecting more and more people and promoting cultural collaborations, we at the Edneed learning community strive to bring the world closer together.

How These Factors Will Make Your Institute Stand Out

Tell us honestly, being an institute owner how much software do you have to juggle just to manage your institute? Or being a teacher is it possible for you to track your student’s attendance? Yeah, we know the answers! This is why we are here with our digital solution that offers maximum support to the needs of an institute. When you opt for Edneed, you get a website creation and management tool, software that is loaded. You can create a free website within 2 minutes for your institute, and a platform to connect with educators and learners globally. This is how the institute will stand out.

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