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5 Free PDF compressor to Compress PDF Documents

The online free PDF compressor reduces the PDF file size that allows you to transfer the files across multiple platforms quickly. Large file sizes take a lot of your useful time, as you will find the very act of sending and receiving these files to be dull. A lot of free PDF file compressors are available on the internet; therefore, it is difficult to choose one of them.

A PDF compression tool can reduce the size of PDF files in a couple of seconds without compromising its output quality and then you can easily share between different parties online.

In this context, we will describe six advanced online PDF file compressors that will easily help you reduce your excel to pdf file size.

Did you know!

The PDF format is a trustworthy file format that is the best for transferring and sharing documents via email or online sharing platforms. PDFs are primarily used for file formatting throughout the transfer process. However, large Portable Document Format (PDF) may still be difficult to transfer and share due to the large file size. And, even now you can account PDF compressor by theonlineconverter.com that enabling pdf file compression with different compression levels.

#1) Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is a PDF editor, best for creating, editing, converting PDFs easily, and merging PDFs. It has abilities to create a perfect-sized document so that it will be readable on any operating device.

This tool works for rearranging and deleting as well as cropping and rotating the PDF pages. You can add pages from other PDF file documents and your file will be protected with this free PDF compressor.


  • Creating and editing interactive forms.
  • Comparing two PDFs side-by-side.
  • Snapshot function
  • Auto-repair feature

#2) EasePDF PDFs Compressor

EasePDF has a very clear and straightforward tool that interfaces with its truly rich functional menu and reduces the PDF file quickly. All its designs are essential and not redundant. This supports inter-conversion between PDF and multiple formats, free PDF compressors can now split, merge, and edit easily.

Batch PDF compression features are also a function of it that who have to deal with a bulk of huge PDF files.


  • Batch PDF compression
  • Compress level adjustable
  • Easy to drag and drop feature
  • Inter-conversion between multiple formats.
  • Security guarantee
  • Supports editing, splitting, and merging PDF files.

#3) theonlineconveter.com

This online converter is the best as it web-based source that allows you to compress the PDF file in a couple of steps. The obvious reason to discuss this platform in the list is that it is 100% free and provided you with quality compress pdf file size. You do not need any registration and installation of the software. If you are wondering on the internet for compression of the PDF file, it’s the best free PDF compressor that works according to your needs.

Besides the PDF file reducer,  you could merge, split, lock, unlock, and even transform your PDF files with this tool.


  • Top-notch compression level
  • Make a drag and drop easily
  • Multiple PDFs compressions
  • 100% secured
  • Easily share online

#4) Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe’s online free tool to accomplish a variety of functions to manipulate your PDF file. Everyone has an adobe reader on their computers or mobile which allows them to read easily and manage PDF files.

Adobe reduces your file size within no minutes or seconds and also with high resolution. You will get an option to directly compress your PDF file from the browser itself. Adobe provides you with simple process features that you can easily understand.


  • PDF compression
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Convert files into PDF
  • Easily share online

#5) Free PDF Convert

The PDF files are compressed in this tool without losing their original quality while the compression proceeds. The best function of it is that puts on the safety and security of your data. The free PDF compressor does not duplicate your files and goes so far as to delete any remains of your uploaded document.

You can access this software from any operating device that has a web browser and you need is a good Internet connection. Apart from a free PDF reducer, the tool also offers some specific features such as merging and splitting PDF files, PDF file conversion, and much more.


  • PDF compression
  • Compatible across multiple devices
  • PDF converter
  • Split and merge PDF files

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