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What should you not do while posting content on your Instagram?

These days’ social media has become one of the significant forms of marketing and promotion. Everybody is on social media and seems to use it effectively. Businesses are majorly developing on the grounds of social media.

Many people just put images and videos without thinking of the consequences. Whenever you post any content on social media platforms, always be careful and know the pros and cons.

There are many influencers on the Instagram platform that post significant content. A lot of research goes behind posting the content on the platform. For example, there are many people who have bought likes and followers with money.

They may be increasing their followers’ number, but it is difficult to improve quality with money.

If you promote your brand on Instagram, do your market research and connect with your target audience. Catering to the needs of your target audience is very important.

Be genuine in your approach

Mistakes happen, and if you rectify them, you can move forward. Unfortunately, the mistakes happen on Instagram or in the public eye. You may want to reverse it, but it is difficult as the public judges you.

Make sure that you are effectively using the Instagram platform. Do not make Instagram blunders and instead know how to steer the wheel properly.

If you are posting something on social media for fun, you still can take the leverage of posting something insignificant. But if you are posting with the intent to market or promote your product, you have to be very careful.

For example, if you are a direct lender dealing in bad credit car loans, make sure to promote your handle in the following way. Do not post useless content.

Common mistakes on Instagram

1.    Do not use awkward usernames

Do not create your Instagram profile with an awkward name. Many people like to keep an offbeat name on their social media handles. It may not be as powerful as something sensible. If you keep a normal name, you have to make it unique.

For example, you can use your first name along with an adjective. Do not make it too difficult to find for people. If somebody wants to find you, they should be easily able to connect with you.

Also, it should be more accessible for people to recognize you. The search function of Instagram is not as powerful as other social media networks. Hence, keep it simple and easy to locate.

2.    Do not keep your profile private

If you are setting up your profile to private, do not do it. There may be specific reasons behind keeping your profile personal.

But if you are an Instagram, set up a public account. Maintaining it private will not help anybody to locate you.

Also, nobody will be able to see your content that defeats the whole purpose of coming to Instagram. If somebody wants to like your post or content, they do not have to wait for your approval and get instantly like it.

3.    Do not be a lurker

It is advisable not to be a Lurker. Keep your profile active and post regularly. Also, comment and like others post as much as possible. If you have an engaging profile, you can have a better relationship with your Instagram users.

Also, you will get genuine followers who will promote your profile eventually. Being on social media platform is all about being interactive and active in the right way.

4.    Do not miss out on the caption

Whenever you post any content on Instagram, do not post it without a caption. Always put up a catchy heading or a caption.

This attracts your audience and leads to an interactive session. Also, if you find something relevant, include that in your posts.

Another reason behind putting up a headline or a caption is to be on top of the searches.

5.    Do not misuse hashtags

Hashtags are the sole of Instagram. Hashtags can be used in any way to promote the business. Many people keep on using the same hashtags again and again. This is not the right way. You have to get variety in your hashtags.

Also, do not miss using it. If there are some popular hashtags, but they do not go with your content, do not use them. This will eventually lead to alienating followers.

For example, if you are a direct lender offering loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor, do not use any kind of hashtag that does not go with your profession.

Make sure to use hashtags that are loan and lending related. This will help people search for you, and you may get genuine followers.


You can be really creative with your Instagram profile. Do not commit these common mistakes. Always look for innovative ways that will help you increase your followers in a genuine way.

There are many people posting useless content on their Instagram story design. Before posting any type of content, always research it. If you feel the content will genuinely attract the audience, only then post it.

You can also look at the trending reels and videos. Make sure to be authentic in your content to get genuine praise.

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