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How to Edit YouTube Reaction Videos?

On YouTube, reaction videos have become one of the most well-known genres. They have become so popular because you can share your thoughts with your online subscribers by reviewing other people’s videos in reaction videos. Reaction videos are trending these days as you can share your thoughts & views on any topic you want with people worldwide.

First, let us understand what a reaction video is before knowing how to make & edit these types of videos.

What is a Reaction video?

It is a film of an individual or group of people reacting to something such as an object, video, TV show, etc. you can create such videos by using picture-in-picture software that makes the reaction video part. Therefore, the main video will show the reaction; it can be happy, sad, pleasure, pain, or anything.

In such videos, the creator reacts to another video, it is an excellent method for viewers as they feel they are participating in the video themselves.

How to make a YouTube Reaction video?

The first stage is to record the video. To make editing perfect, you need to record that in the best way so that editing becomes more straightforward. Here is a list of a few things to take care of while shooting reaction videos-

  •   Make sure that the reaction must be very visual in such videos, as that is the core of your video.
  •   The main part of a reaction video is the sound and facial expressions you make when you like or hate something, so be careful about it.
  •   Take the best camera angle; always take a close-up shot to show your expressions clearly. Make sure to keep your chin down for better face visibility; otherwise, it will look weird as people will not be able to see your face; instead, they will just see your chin.
  •   Keep the environment in mind while making videos, as you need to ensure that there is no noise when you create videos.
  •   The next important part is lighting, as fewer lights will make your video dull; people don’t prefer watching dark reaction videos. Therefore, you can use proper light equipment or create videos on a bright sunny day.
  •   Last but not least, the most significant is the recorder. You can opt for an all-in-one recording tool that will allow you to source video and capture your reaction with the help of a Webcam. As you have to record your facial expression plus audio, you will have to either use a built-in camera or opt for an external camera for your computer.

How to edit YouTube reaction videos?

Once you are done filming the video, the next important part is editing them. Although it used to be a complex process with the help of YouTube video editors, it has become a swift and seamless process.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow for editing your YouTube reaction videos and giving them a professional look-

Ø The first step is selecting any online YouTube video editor per your requirements and budget.

Ø Import the original reaction video from your PC and after that, go to the settings.

Ø Now, your video gets placed in the scene; therefore, you need to upload your reaction video directly. Once the video is uploaded, go to the settings and add this to the actual footage.

Ø You can arrange them according to your taste. Once the positioning is complete, you can resize it.

Ø As you will see in both the videos, you can now shift the layers along the timeline to synchronise their appearance.

Ø You can utilise the preview button to see your editing and how the final video will appear.

Ø The editors come with various other advanced tools where you can make colour adjustments, split the video, volume adjustment, add music or sound effects, etc. Therefore, in the settings tab, you will find all these options; you can use them to make your videos look even better.

Ø Once all the changes are done, export the final version and upload the video on YouTube.

Things to keep in mind while editing YouTube reaction videos

Here are a few things that you should follow for making your video look more interesting and exciting-

Ø Select a video that you have never seen before- The reason it is recommended to create a reaction video on a new video is that you will be able to get genuine reactions, which are essential in these videos. For example, if your favourite singer releases a new song, do not watch it instantly; instead, set your camera, start recording, then edit and upload the video

Ø Background- Many people think that in reaction videos, the background is inconsequential, but that is not true. The audience likes watching professional-looking videos, plus ensure that the ambience is congruent with your reactions.

Ø React to ‘React to’ videos- This might sound funny to you, but this will help you get a lot of viewers for sure. The viewers love watching collaborations between YouTubers; in fact, collaborating will help YouTubers increase the audience’s size.

Follow these easy steps and make an excellent reaction video. Good Luck!

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