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How to Do a Giveaway on YouTube for marketing

It is common to watch people watch youtube shorts while sitting idle or even while on the go. The realism offered by the platform has led to an upsurge in its popularity amongst viewers of all age groups.

Since its inception, it has grown so much that it is now recognized as the go-to platform for all news reports, academic content, recreation, etc.

According to a recent analysis, Youtube has a 1 billion hours value of spectators every day, and around 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Youtube has grown so much that it encourages people around the world to become Youtube content creators. This prospect is seen as a promising career opportunity by many these days.

If you are also a content creator on youtube, then this article will be very informative as we are going to talk about how to giveaway on YouTube for effective marketing.

How To Arrange A Youtube Giveaway For Marketing 

Despite being consistent and creative with your content on Youtube, you may not be able to make the cut.

To prevent that from happening, indulge in Youtube giveaways for marketing as they are easy to pull and guarantee views, subscribers, followers, and even huge brand collaborations, ultimately increasing revenue.

You need to find a tempting and thoughtful item for the target audience. Various well-known labels and YouTube content creators are already reaping the benefits of YouTube giveaways by often arranging them.

If you are a newbie wishing a speedy growth or a veteran requiring an extra boost, this article is the right thing to read as we will look at how a giveaway can be arranged on Youtube by following four easy steps.

Identify The Intent Behind The Giveaway 

Youtube giveaways are not just any content on a channel. It should be done with a clear purpose. You have to brainstorm the intent behind the giveaway before launching it. Once your goal is apparent, you can arrange a giveaway and reach the results.

The intent behind arranging a giveaway can be to grow subscribers and views on some videos, boosting website traffic. You can also use it for advertising a brand or product launch and increasing its exposure and engagement.

Devise an entryway that directs the target users to subscribe to your channel to participate in the giveaway. Be aware and cautious of the laws and policies set by Youtube for a giveaway before launching one. Youtube specifies that the giveaway should be open and free for all.

The host of the giveaway must provide the audience with exact rules and take full accountability for flouting the platform’s rules.

Go For A Grand Item For The Giveaway 

With so many giveaways held on Youtube each day, you have to be exceptional and innovative with yours. The most tempting element of your Youtube giveaway is the prize. Therefore, you have to pick a grand item to draw more people to participate in the giveaway. This way, you will ensure extensive traffic on your channel. 

Remember, the grander the item, the broader the audience.

However, you have to be aware of the actuality of whether people are honestly interested in your channel or are merely showing up for the sake of the prize.

To avoid generating low-quality leads, you have to make an extra effort by customizing or crafting an item that suits your target audience. For an extravagant giveaway, you can also team up with two or more partner brands that will merge with your resources and build one fabulous giveaway for your audience. 

Go Ahead & Get the World To Notice The Giveaway

It’s the giveaway day! 

To ensure the day’s success, make sure to kickstart the day with a video on Youtube to pitch and publicize the giveaway. The video needs to be encouraging and invite people to join your youtube giveaway instantly. The quality of this video should be distinctive from your other videos on Youtube.

Assure its distinction and save time preparing for the actual giveaway using online video maker tools that provide various templates, layouts, and elements for a better video-making experience.

The video’s thumbnail should be eye catching and should exhibit the giveaway prize. 

However, don’t explain a lot in the thumbnail. Just give enough information that attracts people to watch the video, and for further understanding, directly join the giveaway. 

In the video, try to focus on the uses and benefits of the products you are giving away. It must elaborate on the dates, timing, eligibility, how to participate and become a winner, etc. Attach direct entryways to enable the viewers to participate in the giveaway.

Promote Your Youtube Giveaway Broadly 

The high-quality video uploaded on youtube will fairly reveal your giveaway. 

However, for more promising results, hype the giveaway on other platforms. Use email marketing and social media advertising, write blogs, make podcasts, and team with influencers who will also promote your giveaway on their platforms. In this manner, you will be able to amass a maximum audience who will someday become subscribers and followers. 

If you already maintain an email list, notify your leads through emails before the giveaway begins and at the end of the giveaway to announce the winner and thank them for participation.

Many YouTubers use social media to promote their giveaways as the intent behind hosting a giveaway is to increase the followers on their social media accounts. If you own a website, you can write blogs for your giveaway. This way, you can talk in length about your giveaway.

Podcasts have also emerged as an effective marketing tool. You can connect and speak about the giveaway and invite people to join it. However, out of all these methods, the one that stands out is influencer marketing.

Through influencer marketing, you get the attention of new viewers who watch the video of their favorite influencer and learn about your channel. This boosts your exposure to a great extent.


As a content creator on youtube, you can make a reputable revenue. It is observed that the popularity and payment generated by some YouTubers even compete with the most famous celebs.

For such impacts, all you need to do is be creative with your presence and keep devising new ways to engage your subscribers and also attract new ones, and holding a giveaway is one of the best ways to ensure that. Follow the methods elaborated in the article to create an amazing and profitable giveaway. 

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