When do medical school interviews start

When do medical school interviews start?

After clearing UCAT and BMAT, a student should start interview preparation. For the interview, he must know the interview dates and prepare himself accordingly. But, how can a student come to know about interview dates? Let’s read this article and find the answer to the question.

How to Get Interview Updates?

Medical institutes change their interview dates every time and update their students on their portals. A student does not need to call or visit different universities to get interview updates. They can check them on university portals from their comfort zones. The academies offering medical interview courses also update students about all medical happenings.

Time of Medical Interviews

Most universities start interviews in mid-November or December. Different medical schools conduct interviews on contrasting dates, such as;

  1. The University of Aberdeen conducts interviews between November to March
  2. Aston Medical School execute interviews from December to March
  3. The University of Birmingham conducts interviews in January and February
  4. The University of Cambridge calls the selected students for interviews in December

Dates and times can vary according to the medical university calendar and plans.

Things to do Before Interview

A medical interview course is essential for the preparation for the interview. Work on the following points for an excellent experience with your medical interviewers.

  • Modify your body language.
  • Polish your communication skills.
  • Boost your confidence, but do not be over-confident.
  • Revise the most commonly asked questions with their answers.
  • Review some medical-related topics.
  • Make all the documents ready the night before your interview.
  • Dress like a gentleman.
  • Join a notable academy for better preparation.

The Famous Medical Academy

Many academies are open in your area where students attend classes for medical admission tests and interviews. The Future Medic is the best academy for medical interview course practice. They have been excellently working in the market for more than 14 years. Their team helps their students win a medical seat at their priority medical schools.

Fields of Preparation at The Future Medic

The medical competition is getting high and high every year. Future Medic prepare their students according to the highest competition rate and secures maximum seats in medical schools.

  • The Future Medic gives lectures for BMAT, UCAT, Personal statements, and interview training.
  • They have qualified Doctors for students’ training.
  • Their management team always stays in contact with the testing committee for updates.
  • They provide extraordinary tutoring services.
  • Future Medic help their students during the complete admission phase and guide them on each step.
  • They use the services of British Doctors.

Achievements of The Future Medic

The Future Medic caught the public limelight after a hard struggle. Now they are the owner of many achievements in the medical field.

  • They are in contact with higher medical schools.
  • Their team members are in direct contact with BMAT and UCAT committees.
  • Their students secure maximum seats every year.
  • The Future Medic members are active members of the Interview Panel.
  • More than 5000 students of The Future Medic have started their journey to become professional Doctors.

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