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How can you push your toddlers towards a healthy future?

Obesity is a common problem around the globe. Specifically, in England, almost 62.9% of people were obese in adults. Among children, obesity is common too. Children aged 3-15 suffer from obesity.

People who are obese may find it difficult to move or do their daily tasks. Also, obesity can affect mental health in many ways. The person may not feel confident and may have lower self-confidence.

This situation can ultimately lead to anxiety and depression. Along with affected mental health, it also leads to various physical problems. There are certain illnesses that are directly related to obesity, such as Type II diabetes, certain cancers, and heart diseases.

These problems are now common in children too. Since children are also suffering from obesity, the problems in children have grown. A report by the OECD says that children who are obese or have lower performance.

They do not do well at school and also get lesser marks. With these signs, they usually miss school, and when they grow up, they mostly do not complete their higher education.

Overall, they are not satisfied with their life and may contribute to low performance in their life. It is observed that children who are suffering from obesity or 14% lesser in their performance as compared to children with a healthy weight.

With the ongoing pandemic, there has been an increase in obesity figures. The COVID-19 pandemic has shot the numbers up of obese children.

Tackling obesity is the need of the hour. Irrespective of age, obesity is a problem that should be catered to in the right way.

Make healthy choices for a healthy future

Obesity starts at a young age. It does not happen all of a sudden. Most of the times, obesity depends upon our eating habits.

Following unhealthy eating habits is the first cause of obesity. If these habits are not changed over time it can lead to other problems as well. Along with eating habits, lack of physical exercise is another major contributor to obesity.

There are many ways where in parents can help their children to stay fit and healthy throughout. For this, it is important to imbibe healthy habits in toddlers. Once children have healthy routines and habits, there are lesser chances of obesity in them.

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Health tips

1.    Breastfeed your infant when possible

It is scientifically proven that breastfeeding your infants can reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Many studies indicate this fact. Mostly, it is seen that breastfeeding contributes to obesity prevention. Although more research is required in this field, there are sufficient studies to support this fact.

2.    Feed your child with appropriate portion sizes

The paediatrics Academy suggests that toddlers do not need large portions of food. It is observed that every inch of height should be equal to50 cal of food intake.

This is applicable to children from the age of 1 to 4 years. You have to encourage your children and educate them about the portion sizes. Tell them how a portion looks and how can they segregate it.

3.    Educate them on the importance of healthy foods

Encourage healthy eating in your children. Introduce different healthy foods to them at an early age.

Also, discourage unhealthy eating habits such as late-night snacking, consuming high-calorie food etc. Implementing these routines and habits will help them formulate a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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4.    Encourage healthy family eating

If you give healthy foods to toddlers and do not follow the same rule yourself, it can lead to discrepancies. Encourage healthy eating as a family. Children will experience these healthy eating habits only with their parents.

Hence, you should indulge in good eating. This will make your children grow into responsible and healthy adults. Once they are in the habit, it will be difficult for them to deviate from it.

5.    Emphasize slow eating and only when hungry

It is seen that people who eat quickly usually tend to gain fat. Encourage your children to eat slowly. Also, avoid making them watch TV during eating.

When they watch TV and eat, they do not realize the portion size. Also, they keep on eating continuously. Irrespective of hunger, they consume more food than what is required by the body.

Also, make your child understand the importance of slow eating. If the food is not eaten slowly, it turns into fat and calories in the body. Chewing your food properly is very important for good digestion.


Staying healthy and fit is the utmost priority in life. If you focus on your toddlers from the beginning, you can push them towards a healthy future. Try to inculcate healthy and timely eating habits to reap its benefits in the future.


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