Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women 2022

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Women 2022

Sneakers have long ceased to be just sports shoes. Lightweight, comfortable and durable, they are the best fit for the modern pace of life. Apart from sneakers, sandles are also favorites of women during summer. The variety of models allows you to choose the perfect pair for any look and for any occasion.

But are all running shoes equally good for long walks and walking? We will find out what characteristics a pair should have and choose the most suitable model from what sports brands offer today.

Rating of women’s walking shoes

Women’s walking shoes, unlike men’s, have a more elegant design. But otherwise, they have the same characteristics as men’s shoes: light, durable, and comfortable. Consider those models that meet these parameters.

Nike Revolution 5

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these Nike women’s running shoes feature reflective panels. The top of the model is made of a “breathable” durable jersey. The lightweight PU foam outsole provides good traction.


  • minimalistic design
  • light in weight
  • “breathable” upper material
  • low price


  • quickly get dirty
  • poorly extinguish shock loads
  • The fabric on the top wears out over time

The manufacturer stated that this model is designed for running. However, consumer reviews indicate that the shoes do not absorb shock loads when running on asphalt. Therefore, it is recommended to use them for hiking and running on a treadmill.

Puma Rebound Layout SD

Sneakers from the famous German manufacturer of sportswear and shoes Puma are made in a combination of two styles at once: futuristic and retro. Their design is suitable for both men and women. The top of the model is made of genuine leather combined with artificial. The sole is rubber.


  • soft and comfortable
  • durable
  • spectacular contrasting colors
  • suitable for wearing in the cold season
  • tightly fit the foot and ankle
  • affordable price


  • not suitable for wearing in warm weather
  • get wet quickly

Walking in Puma sneakers will be convenient and comfortable. But they are not suitable for use in the heat and in the rain.

Asics Gel Sonoma 4

A feature of women’s sneakers from the Japanese manufacturer of sports goods Asics is the use of special gel pads in the heel area. When walking and running, they dampen shock loads, providing good cushioning. The top of the model is made of “breathable” textiles, the sole is made of wear-resistant rubber.

The waterproof GORE-TEX membrane around the perimeter of the foot reliably protects the shoes from getting wet. Mesh upper provides extra ventilation. Removable insole with antibacterial impregnation prevents unpleasant odors.


  • good depreciation
  • light in weight
  • do not get wet
  • antibacterial insole
  • excellent ventilation
  • long service life


  • High price
  • Many replicas available in the market

Asics running shoes are perfect for walking and running in any weather. They are lightweight, breathable, yet waterproof.

Reebok Royal Bridge 4

This model of women’s sneakers from the American sports brand Reebok was created for active women who value convenience and comfort. They are very light, reliable, have an attractive design with bright contrasting prints. The top of the model is made of breathable textile material.

The sole is massive in appearance, but very light in weight, made of 3D foam. This outsole provides good cushioning during movement, softening shock loads in contact with the surface. The plush FuelFoam footbed provides great support for your foot.


  • light and comfortable
  • affordable price
  • strong and durable
  • durable material withstands multiple washes well


  • wear out quickly

Lightweight Reebok sneakers are a good option for everyday hiking. They have only one drawback – they wear out over time, which can create difficulties when walking.

Sneakers are perhaps the most comfortable walking shoes. In order for hiking to bring joy and pleasure, it is worth taking seriously the choice of a suitable model for this.

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