How To Wear Hats To Look Stylish?

The list of hats for most guys is limited to a hat in winter and a cap in summer. However, most of them do not know that a cap and a baseball cap are different things. Little things like this add up to a general misunderstanding of the rules of use, due to which men exclude potentially good accessories from their wardrobe. We tried to understand the intricacies of wearing different types of hats, and experts from the most famous brand that has been producing hats helped us in this.

Newsboy Cap

One of the best examples of their use came from Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders. Fans of the series, have acquired similar caps, but have not learned how to wear them correctly. As a result, instead of elegant members of the gang, they turn into cartoonish taxi drivers from the time of the scoop. To avoid this fate, the first step is to study the material.

Having learned to distinguish a classic cap from a baseball cap, do not stop halfway, because caps differ from each other, including in shape. There are two basic ones: a flat cap and the so-called eight-bladed cap – this is what the hero of Cillian Murphy wears. These forms have many varieties, but for now, we can stop here.

Dad Hats

One of the most versatile and common headwear that will suit almost everyone. Most importantly, understand the difference between dad hats and snapbacks (the latter has a straight peak and a deeper fit). Fashion for snapbacks in the late 80s was introduced by American rappers. A great example is the NWA, which is hard to see in a photo without a snapback with the name of their hometown or sports team.

Therefore, this headpiece is an integral part of the Street Styler. Good sneakers, oversized items, and elements of sportswear will become the basis of the image. Sunglasses and attributes of hip-hop culture will serve as an addition to it. You can wear it in two ways: classic – with a visor forward so that the straight part is adjacent to the top of the forehead, or with a visor back. In the second case, it is better to choose unregulated models of the fitted caps variety.


Panamas, like snapbacks, are one of the most important attributes of hip-hop culture. They were worn by rappers and bands such as MC Shan, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, and Schoolboy Q. This layering makes Panama very versatile.

Jeans and bright shorts, Hawaiian shirt, hoodie, fitted polo and oversized t-shirts, espadrilles and sneakers, fanny pack and backpack – you can combine with everything except the classics. This is a great option for the warm season, which is suitable for a person of any age and occupation. It will look most harmoniously in outdoor, military, and street casual styles.


Berets are another undeservedly neglected headdress in our country. The main association is the army. Yes, they were originally part of the English army uniform, but the popularity of war heroes like Bernard Montgomery made them iconic pieces of clothing. Berets are great for business style and casual.

They are combined with fitted vests, and they can be worn by combining turtlenecks and jackets or with voluminous woolen sweaters. As outerwear, you can use a coat, trench coat, denim, or leather jackets in natural shades. They harmonize well with scarves and stripes (thanks to the French). Anything that is in harmony with the top of the set is suitable as a bottom, from classic trousers to skinny or cropped jeans.

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