How does a dentist replace a missing tooth

How does a dentist replace a missing tooth?

A smile with a gap between teeth only looks cute in infants. A creepy smile with a tooth gap is not for you. It will ruin your character and fall your confidence. You need a dentist to refill this gap for a stunning smile. Dentists are experts in dentistry and use different procedures to give the most suitable treatment to their patients. Let’s read about the different approaches to replacing a missing tooth.

1. Dentures

The most reasonable method of replacing a missing tooth is Denture. In this technique, dentists use a prosthetic appliance for false teeth remedy. It consists of teeth and hard and soft oral tissues for mounting. It has two fundamental varieties.

·Removable Partial Dentures

It is a type of Denture that is only feasible if you have a few missing teeth openings you want to fill. Didsbury dental fix them well so that they look original and the patient does not feel irritated.

· Removable Complete Denture

Another type of Denture is Removeable Complete Denture. If you are missing many or all teeth in a row, the dentist will advise Removeable Complete Denture to cover all your tooth gaps. Dentists fix it in a mouth by suction which causes pain in the initial days.


As the name shows, Didsbury dental fills a gap between two teeth using Bridges. Dentist use bridges to cover the place of a few missing teeth. It has two classifications.

· Resin-Controlled Bridges

Most dentists use Resin-Retained Bridges to fill the gap between two front teeth. They do so because the front teeth tolerate less pressure during eating. They are less durable than the second type of Bridge.

· Designated Bridges

Designated Bridges are more reliable than Resin-Retained Bridges. Dentists use the crowning method to fill the teeth gap. You will need multiple dental visits if he suggests Fixed Bridges, another word for Designated Bridges.

3. Dental Implants

Dental Implant is the most expensive and the lengthiest method to fill the missing tooth gap. Dentists use it for a single tooth replacement because it is unfit for multiple tooth gaps. In this method, Didsbury dental grafts jawbones for an artificial tooth.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

Missing a tooth damages your personality. It may decrease your confidence in front of others. You may feel ashamed of your peculiar looks due to broken teeth. All the mentioned approaches are appropriate to fill tooth gaps that will shield all your insecurities. For the perfect treatment, you must visit Didsbury Dental Practice in Manchester.

Where to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Didsbury Dental Practice is the top-rated dental clinic with different treatments. You will be in safe hands because Didsbury dental uses hygiene tools during treatment. You can visit their website for precise information. Their emergency services are available 24/7 for their patients’ convenience. Didsbury Dental will give you excellent tooth-replacing therapy if you trust Didsbury Dentals for your oral fitness. So do not delay and enjoy a beautiful smile with Didsbury Dental Practice.

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