How accurate are rapid antigen tests

How accurate are rapid antigen tests?

Covid-19 blocked the whole world. No one was allowed to leave his country due to fear of harmful virus antigens. Rapid antigen tests helped us to detect Covid-19 virus particles in our bodies during the pandemic era and opened the doors of airports for us. Most people get rapid antigen tests due to their quick results. Have you ever thought if the rapid antigen test gives accurate results or not in a short time? If yes, this article is the answer to your question.

What is a Rapid Antigen Test?

As the name shows, a rapid antigen test is a speedy investigation method of antigen detection in a targeted specimen. Antigens are unfamiliar to our normal body cells and provoke destruction when they enter a host body. A rapid antigen test helps detect these killing antigens.

What are Antigens?

Antigens are the foreign particles a Virus induces into a host body to get shelter and disturb the normal functioning of life. They trigger the immune system to take action against them. The immune system builds antibodies to fight against virus antigens. The antibodies fail the battle if they are weaker than a virus antigen such as the Covid-19 virus.

How Does a Scientist Detect Virus Particles?

Examiners inspect the targeted sample by putting a drop of solution on a machine’s well. The two lines show the existence of antigen, while the single line represents a healthy sample.

How Much Accurate Results Does Rapid Antigen Test Give?

The rapid antigen test gives 99% accurate results. Test conductors have detected symptomatic and asymptomatic Covid-19 positive reports utilizing rapid antigen tests. Therefore, one must use the Rapid Antigen Test kit to get Covid-19 results within 15 minutes.

The Drawbacks of Rapid Antigen Test

The rapid antigen test only provides 99% accurate results during the infectious period. Patients encounter three phases when a virus attacks their bodies.

  1. Incubation Period
  2. Infectious Period
  3. Post-Infectious Period

A most reliable test is the one that can catch the virus antigen or genetic material during the Incubation period. PCR is more satisfactory than a rapid antigen test to detect virus presence during an incubation.

How to Get Testing Kits?

Various online test providers are entertaining society by supplying their Covid-19 test kits. Some prefer PCR and some use a rapid antigen test kit for immediate results. Airport management operates rapid antigen tests on people who do not bring their Covid-19 reports. For authentic Covid-19 test results, we must dig for the most acceptable test providers.

The Most Capable Test Providers

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