5 Best Trekking Destination in Himachal Pradesh

5 Best Travel Tips in Himachal Pradesh

The beautiful Himalayas continue to plead with everyone about us that Himachal Pradesh is a place where God should inhale slowly each time. Abundance of snow, squares, shrines, and slopes glorifies the land even more.

The Himachal Pradesh Mountains are one of the most beautiful places in India. From May to October, whenever you find time to walk on the slopes, take hiking trails near cascades, culminations or valleys. Just check out the accompanying list of the top six steps of Himachal Pradesh.

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek is considered to be the heart of the Himalayan mountains. The Hampta pass is spectacular and takes you to some amazing places with dense jungles, waterfalls, and vertical stone walls. The trip also offers amazing views of the Himalayas and the Chandratal lake. Chandratal Lake is a very attractive destination for this trip.

Chandratal is a 14,000 ft high elevation, and the whole trek will amaze you with its magnificent views of the Himalayas. The whole trip is 26 to 30 miles. In short, the location of Hampta Pass is so beautiful that for a while it will make you forget that you are somewhere in India.

Brigu Lake Trek

Located a short distance 20 km from Manali, Brig Lake Lakek is probably the best pasture trip to Himachal Pradesh. Revered by the popular belief that the holy man Maharishi Bhrigu once again learned his mind here, this place finds a great meeting of the inevitable travelers due to the amazing snow knots and the peaceful lake.

A trip to Bhrigu lake is also known for offering unparalleled views to the glorious landscapes of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal, which is an additional explanation of why hikers feel enthusiastic enough to climb the Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Sar Pass Trek

Going to the icy lake of Sar in Himachal Pradesh is a daunting task. The exciting journey begins at the small slopes of Kasol and passes through the dense jungles of Parvati Valley to reach the Grahan Valley, an ideal place to experience the true evening feeling of camping under the stars. The journey passes through the pines, and the Deodar-lined Chanderkhani road is easy to reach Nagaru, another amazing fuel-efficient break before the final destination.

Sar Lake crosses the ridge while passing Tila Lotni to reach Biskeri Bridge. The clear white snow of Sar Lake adds to the beauty of the whole trip. Offering a bold and amazing route outside, the Sar Pass Trek is probably the purest trip to Himachal.

Tosh Valley Trek

Focused on the Kullu area and full of rich knolls, the green Tosh Valley is renowned for its incomparable beauty. This 4.5-mile [7.5 km] long journey begins with a sturdy, step-by-step expansion of the vast expanse of green leaves as travelers climb to the top. Considered one of the easiest and most restrictive trips to Himachal Pradesh, this trip has a low difficulty with AMS problems and should also happen for amateur travelers.

With so many wonderful guesthouses available everywhere, the Tosh Valley Trek offers useful options, which is another reason for its growth among enthusiastic travelers and this is amazing compared to other tourist destinations in Himachal pradesh. Want to take a hiking in the Himalayan mountains? Book an amazing Har Ki Dun tour at the best price on offer now!

Indrahar Pass Trek

One of the best hiking trails, Indrahar is through the glorious mountains of Dhauladhar. From Dharamkot or Bhagsunag, the trek through the Golu Devta shrine and dense deodar vegetation, before crossing over and entering the vast expanses of oak and rhododendron woods. Continuing on the journey, the Travel Agency will pass through the well-established Lahesh caves and all the connecting views of the glorious valley of Kangra.

Some of the attractions that travelers will see during the trip include a myriad of wandering mountain streams and glistening snow. Due to the easy access to the best camping sites, the Indrahar Pass Trek makes it one of the best hiking destinations in Himachal Pradesh among explorers.

Triund Trek

With a total length of 9 miles, the trip to the Triund is probably the most difficult trip to Himachal, which makes perfect sense for those learning to read. From McLeodGanj or Dharamkot, the journey takes you to the majestic Bhagsu Nag.

Offering breathtaking views of the scenery of Grand Dhauladhar on one side and the green Kangra valley on the other, this magnificent trek compensates for the climbers on each side.

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