Do you need to wear hand wraps with boxing gloves

Do You Need To Wear Hand Wraps With Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves are an integral part of training and fighting in the sport of boxing. However, when you’re buying boxing gloves, it can be confusing to know which ones you need and which ones you don’t. One item that many fighters aren’t sure whether they need or not is hand wraps with boxing gloves.

So, before you buy your boxing gloves and pads online or in store, here’s what you need to know about whether or not hand wraps are necessary with your new pair of boxing gloves!

What are hand wraps?

Hand wraps are a wrap around your fist that help protect your wrists, knuckles and the joints in your hand while you are training or participating in a fight. Wearing hand wraps with proper boxing gloves and pads can lessen the chances of hurting one of these parts.

They also help reduce friction which can help prevent your hands from swelling when you train or fight. If you’re new to training or fighting without wraps, it’s best to start with two-inch wide hand wraps as they will be easier to take on and off.

Is wearing hand wraps with boxing gloves essential?

Yes. Even if your gloves are as soft as boxing gloves can be, it’s a smart idea to also wear some traditional hand wraps for more support or some quick wraps for faster tightening. Whether training on a heavy bag or competing against an opponent, boxing can easily injure the hands. Think of hand wraps the same way you think of boxing gloves and pads.

Hand wraps can offer an extra layer of protection from injury in certain scenarios, which include training where there are direct strikes like in muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA. In addition, hand wraps provide wrist support while wearing heavy bag gloves that don’t have wraparound wrist straps.

Benefits of using hand wrap with boxing gloves and pads

Weighing the pros and cons of hand wraps is a matter of personal preference, but one argument for wearing them is that they can keep your knuckles safe.

There are two main types of boxing gloves on the market: unlaced, laced and hook-and-loop. Laced gloves allow you to adjust the tightness, whereas the hook-and-loop versions will clasp together when you wrap your hands in them, which means they’re not adjustable. Hook-and-loop style gloves also have the advantage of being easy to remove quickly if you need to switch gloves during sparring or a match.

What if I don’t use hand wraps?

Hand wraps are a necessary part of boxing as boxing gloves and pads. A boxer’s hands go through a lot of impacts during a match and wearing hand wraps not only protects your hands but gives you a better grip on the gloves so you don’t have to rely on strength alone.

If you don’t use hand wraps, the natural oils in your hands will just make your gloves slip around on your fists as they become more sweaty over time. For those who are serious about their training or competition in boxing, investing in some quality hand wraps is an investment worth making.


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