Best e-cigarette to quit smoking

Best e-cigarette to quit smoking

In recent years in the UK, E-cigs have become very popular to work as a stop smoking aid for good health. Many health professionals suggest people as an aid for quitting smoking.

What are E-cigs and how do they work?

E-cig is a device that allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke which is harmful. E-cigs do not burn tobacco and produce tar which is very harmful to human health. E-cigs contain just nicotine, VG/PG, and some less harmful flavours than smoking.

What styles of E-cigs are?

There are two styles of vape tanks mouth to lung and direct to lung, so when choosing vape, be selective and conscious about these two, which is best suitable for you and less harmful. We suggest you select direct to lungs tank because it is gentle on your throat rather than mouth to lung. Some people like a harsh hit on their throat, so they might choose mouth to lung tank type.

These are the vaping styles.

What types of E-cigarettes are?

Some types of vapes are described below.

  • Cigalikes—cigarettes like devices can be available in both disposable and rechargeable devices.
  • Vape pens they’re shaped are like pens
  • Vape pods are portable rechargeable devices
  • Vape mods are large in size and come with long-lasting battery power, refillable tanks, and rechargeable batteries.

Which vape should I choose to quit smoking?

A Rechargeable and refillable vape is best and most likely helpful for you to quit smoking.

Vaping is a consumer product, and it’s not a medical product for quitting smoking; however, it helps you to quit smoking. Some people vape for flavours or just for enjoying vaping. They don’t need nicotine, they just smoke to get flavours and puffs. But if you want to stop smoking, then Vape Specialist Retailers will suggest you start from the starter kits or help you choose those vape kits like Geek Bar Disposable and Aroma King Disposable that may be helpful for you to quit smoking.

You can also contact your quit coach or online quitline to quit smoking. They will suggest to you those vapes that might be more helpful for quitting smoking. There are also some examples of people who switch to vaping to quit smoking, and they are successful in it. Vaping is much less harmful and a lot cheaper than smoking. It helps you alot to stay quit from smoking.

Here are some suggestions for smokers who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

  • If you’re a light smoker, then you can choose a cigalike vape or vape pen
  • If you’re a heavier smoker, then you should choose pod systems or mod systems that have high nicotine amount
  • It is also very important for you to choose the right quantity of nicotine that satisfies your needs.

Here are some names of vapes that are at the top of the list that helps in stop smoking

  • Smoke Nord 2
  • Eleaf istick
  • Joyetech eGO AIO
  • Kanger Evode Mega
  • Aspire Breeze AIO Kit

You can also consult and get advice from vape specialist retailers or your local stop smoking service.

Can E-cigs help me to quit smoking?

The answer is yes! E-cigarettes help you alot to stop smoking, and it really works. We can see examples of many people who switch to vaping for the purpose of quitting smoking, and they are strong-minded on their decision, ( and got ) incredible results and they agreed on this and told people that vaping helps them alot (to)stop smoking and now they are in the category of non-smokers. So we can say vaping has the potential to help quit smoking.

The Research shows that E-Cigarettes were more effective for stop smoking treatments than Nicotine Replacement Therapy when both products were accompanied by behavioural support.

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