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10 Best Tips for Traveling with Bender

At Traveling with Bender, we specialize in personalized itineraries that let you travel with confidence and ease. Whether you’re looking to spend your days on a Caribbean beach or exploring the world’s great cities, our team of experts will ensure that your trip runs smoothly from start to finish. If you’re traveling with Bender, here are 10+ tips to help you get the most out of your time with us.


Everyone knows that travel can be stressful. Whether you’re going on vacation or taking a business trip, airports and flight delays don’t exactly make for a relaxing experience. That being said, there are ways to keep stress at bay before your departure date. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and avoid coffee and junk food when possible. With these tips in mind, you should feel ready to tackle any airport—and have fun while doing it!

Pack For Emergencies

To many, packing might seem like an afterthought—just toss your toothbrush and a change of underwear in your bag, right? Wrong. To stay safe while you’re on vacation (and have a great time doing it), pack smart. Experts recommend you bring everything you’d need to survive 24 hours (waterproof matches, flashlight, nonperishable food) and make sure to include a way to charge your phone; post-crash communication is very important! It’s also worth bringing some kind of first aid kit; minor cuts or scrapes can turn into major problems if not taken care of quickly enough.

Utilize your airline’s app

The airline you’re flying on likely has an app. And it probably has some amazing features. For example, United Airlines’ mobile app lets you check-in right from your phone and brings some awesome new features to its loyalty program; including Pay With Miles a great way to stretch your travel dollars further. Before traveling with Bender next time, remember to check out your airline’s app (you can even use it to store your boarding pass) before heading out of town. You may be pleasantly surprised by all that it can do!

Each airline has its own unique features, but check out a few of our favorites in action below: United Airlines – Allows you to Pay With Miles and review your flight history. Delta Air Lines – Use the seat selection feature before traveling to make sure you get a window or aisle seat on your flight.

Southwest Airlines Check your flight status, track bags and view gate information. Alaska Airlines – Get flight status updates via text message notifications. So how do these apps stack up? Utilize them next time you travel with Bender! As always, we’re here to help if you need it.

Know your flight schedule

Before you travel, make sure you know when your flight departs and arrives. That way, if a snowstorm hits or there’s an accident, you’ll know whether or not to rush to the airport and which flights are being cancelled. And since you’re traveling with Bender, it might be best to schedule connecting flights around his naps so he doesn’t miss out on sleeping on flights as well.

One more thing: as far as airlines go, Southwest is known for being pet-friendly; they even have special carriers that allow Fido to ride in style! Just keep in mind that while they’re fine on regular flights—just check them at baggage claim when you arrive—there can be size restrictions during extremely busy travel periods like Thanksgiving.

Arriving at your gate a few minutes before your flight takes off is usually not a problem. However, since you’re traveling with Bender and it can take him a while to get through security, make sure you arrive plenty early if he’s been placed in cargo.

Also remember that whenever there’s a holdup getting to or from your flight (for example, weather delays), it’s likely that passengers are stuck waiting on board their plane. That means they won’t have access to food or water—not even to purchase any—so you’ll want to be prepared!

Check-in online

Travel with bender services in USA and always check-in online. Most airlines (including United, American, and Delta) now offer their own websites for you to check in online 24 hours before your flight, but these sites are generally limited to people checking in at least a week ahead of time.

If you’re traveling last minute, as most students do, call up your airline’s reservation line and ask if there is a fee to check in over the phone. Some airlines charge $20 per person ($40 if you’re traveling internationally) while others will waive fees entirely when you’ve checked in at least four hours before departure. The bottom line: Checking-in over the phone is almost always cheaper than checking-in online.

Travel with bender services in USA and never forget to carry-on a water bottle. Getting through security can be much easier if you have one less bag to haul on board, and some airlines charge a fee for checking bags. If you’re traveling on Southwest, having an empty water bottle or tumbler may even save you money. As we’ve mentioned before, drinks are free (and unlimited) on Southwest Airlines domestic flights after they take off but cost $3 on shorter regional flights.

Print your boarding pass

Although some airlines will let you print your boarding pass at home, others require you to go to a check-in counter. It’s faster and more convenient to print your boarding pass in advance because it can take longer than expected when you get to airport check-in. If you haven’t printed your boarding pass yet, there is a good chance that The Simpsons marathon on FX will be ending soon and you should feel free (no guilt allowed) watch these next couple episodes before starting your flight prep.

Good luck! Now that you know all about travel tips for flying in economy class , here are 10+ tips for traveling with Bender Avoid unsupervised contact with small children. Wash hands after handling food. Do not bend, fold or spindle during use; do not place near magnetic fields; discard broken units immediately; use only as directed by doctor.

These rules apply to all appliances – even those created by mad scientists! Here are 10+ travel tips for traveling with Bender: 1) Bring your own blanket. Since his metal skin conducts heat poorly, he’s likely to get cold while traveling during winter months – especially if he has to sit on an airplane’s chilly floor during layovers. A warm blanket also helps keep him from overheating if he sits too close to an open window or goes outside into hot weather without sunscreen lotion.

Get there early

Many travelers check in on their flights, and while we generally advocate leaving yourself extra time to check in, if you’re traveling with Bender you’ll want to arrive as early as possible. The agents are aware of him; if he’s traveling in his crate it’s particularly important that things go smoothly. If your travel plans will mean a layover or stopover during business hours, try to get there during that time so your airline has maximum help available when you need it.

Planning your trip – During planning, think about all of your traveling options. Consider if you will be flying or driving to your destination and when. Once you’ve booked your flight, take advantage of online check-in, usually offered 24 hours before your departure time.

If traveling during peak travel times like Christmas you may want to schedule a few days in advance. While we generally advise leaving extra time to get there anyway, if you’re traveling with Bender it’s especially important that things go smoothly and on schedule.

Like children – Third Paragraph: One of the most common concerns from new pet owners is how people might react to their new dog breed.

Keep you luggage light and easy to carry

Luggage is one of those pain points that should be at the top of any vacationers list. When traveling with bender, luggage should be kept to a minimum. Remember, less is more when you travel as well as when making your lunch or dinner from home. One less change of clothes means one less thing to carry out and leave behind on vacation.

Another perk: being lighter will keep you from sweating your way through a crowded theme park or cruise ship terminal! Lightweight bags mean fewer suitcases to check in and maximize your space in those overhead bins and on-board lockers when traveling by plane.

Airlines have weight limits on luggage, so lightening your load will not only help you keep under those limits but also be able to use a smaller piece of luggage. Be aware that a small bag could make carrying things more challenging while traveling as well as in airports, train stations and hotels.

On-the-go packing can save time and make less of an impact on your back by utilizing folds, rolls and knots to get clothing where it needs to go without over-stuffing. Airline companies typically limit baggage size at 50 lbs each so bringing heavy items like trunks or chairs are probably best left at home or stored until you return from vacation.

Stay hydrated before getting on the plane

We can’t tell you how many passengers we’ve helped get in touch with their families while they sit on a tarmac waiting to depart! One sure-fire way to keep yourself comfortable and hydrated on a flight is to have a large bottle of water before you board.

Airlines don’t provide water, but when you get your seat assignment ahead of time, you can pre-order some bottled water from in-flight magazine. That way it will be waiting for you when you board—and when traveling with bender, it’s hard to forget anything.

Drink lots of water while flying

For most people, flying is an unsettling experience. Between friendly air marshals and jumbo jet window views of Earth thousands of feet below, it’s easy to start feeling anxious. A lot of that comes from not having enough water in your system and when you don’t hydrate properly before a flight, you can feel dehydrated even after landing.

To avoid shaky hands and fatigued muscles during long flights, drink plenty of water before take-off and while on board. You should also be sure to eat something (but not too much) prior to boarding as well. Carry a bottle of water on board with you, since beverages are often more expensive than snacks!

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