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Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas Car Accident: What We Know

When Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas car accident was involved in a car accident on Friday, it shocked the Denver sports community and the public at large. While there are still many unanswered questions about what happened during the incident, here’s what we know so far about Thomas’ car accident and its aftermath.

Updates on the Status of Demaryius Thomas

Broncos’ WR Demaryius Thomas is day-to-day after suffering a hip flexor injury during practice on August 20th. The Broncos are taking his injury seriously, however, and want to ensure that he doesn’t suffer any long-term damage. They have no plans to rush him back onto the field and will be sure to not put him in any dangerous situations until he has fully recovered from his car accident.

Coach Kubiak says they will monitor his progress closely in training camp, but don’t expect him to miss any regular season games due to his injury. In fact, with time off between now and their next game (September 8th), it seems likely that they could hold him out of a few preseason games so he can continue resting.

Denver Broncos Star Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas Injured in Car Crash

Two car accident yesterday left Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas with a minor head injury. According to police, Denver Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was injured in a car crash on Sunday morning while driving on Interstate 25 near Denver, Colorado. According to CBS 4 Sports, Thomas’ white Cadillac Escalade rear-ended another vehicle and then collided with a semi truck that was stopped because of previous crash.

According to witnesses , Thomas drove his Escalade right into traffic at 70 mph without braking and that he wouldn’t have been able to stop it. Witnesses said they couldn’t believe how quickly everything happened and they were surprised no one else was injured in accident. There were several other cars involved and no one from those vehicles suffered serious injuries.

Aftermath of a Serious Auto Accident

First Aid for an NFL Player : The impact of a car accident can be devastating, regardless of whether you’re a high-profile athlete like Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. According to Yahoo! Sports, The Denver Post and others, Thomas was involved in a one-car crash late Sunday night (March 10) on Interstate 25 near Castle Rock, Colo., and suffered injuries that included multiple broken bones in his left leg and hip. I’m grateful that everything wasn’t worse, both physically & mentally, he wrote via Twitter.

Demaryius Thomas Gets His Truck Repaired

Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was involved in a car accident last month, his truck was apparently damaged so badly that it needed to be taken out of commission. That’s right, because his 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Duramax is no longer roadworthy, he’s getting another new truck. The Colorado State Patrol said they responded to a one-vehicle crash on I-25 northbound at mile marker 153.2. When they arrived on scene, they found that a vehicle had gone off the roadway and rolled onto its roof before coming to rest in between two crossovers in the median of Interstate 25.

Denver Bronco’s WR, Demaryius Thomas In Car Crash

Who’s At Fault? : Is there a statute of limitations on car crashes in Colorado? Apparently not. Denver Bronco’s Wide Receiver, Demaryius Thomas was involved in a two-car accident over Memorial Day weekend where he allegedly rear-ended another vehicle causing that driver to hit an SUV in front of him. Both vehicles were totaled, but fortunately no one was injured.

Witnesses claim that they heard a large bang and saw both cars swerving just before impact – which appears to be consistent with witnesses at other incidents involving Mr. Thomas who also claim he was driving recklessly. But what about Mr. Thomas is it possible that his conduct contributed to these accidents as well? Could it have been careless or distracted driving or speeding – all of which are likely criminal offenses for Mr.

Denver Bronco’s WR, Demaryius Thomas In Car Crash, Back at Practice

Broncos star receiver, Demaryius Thomas, was involved in a car accident yesterday morning. Despite being in obvious pain, he managed to limp his way back to practice for Tuesday’s practice. It remains unclear if he will be able to play Sunday against Buffalo. The Broncos are getting ready for their second game of the season on Sunday against Buffalo and because of a loss to Baltimore last week, there is added pressure for Denver to do well…

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